A turnkey contractor

What is a turnkey contractor?

It is a contractor who performs the construction work from the beginning of the process until its end.

Where does the term “turnkey contractor” come from?

The word “turnkey” comes from the key of a completed house that is ready to live in, which is handed to the customer.

How does the process take place?

1. The turnkey contractor communicates with the architect and the engineering team in order to receive work plans for implementation. He receives the plans and ensures each of them is appropriate for the construction project.

2. A turnkey contractor does everything necessary in order to prepare the plot for construction:

  • Measurements
  • Any necessary demolition work and clearing
  • Earth filling or clearing
  • Ensuring access to heavy equipment
  • Ensuring water and power supply to the construction site
  • Fencing and signage as needed

3. The turnkey contractor performs the entire construction work – he begins with the skeleton and continues until the house is delivered to the customer.

  • He performs the entire construction work through skilled, experienced workers.
  • He hires a foreman on his behalf to supervise work quality and timetables.
  • He communicates with the engineer and architect throughout the construction process and invites them to the construction site to perform their supervision work.

4. A turnkey contractor hires subcontractors as needed, such as air conditioning contractors, carpenters, parquet builders, window builders, etc.

5. A turnkey contractor will provide the customer with everything they need in regards to bathroom fixtures and floorings by closely collaborating with leading suppliers of such products.

The turnkey contractor provides an overall solution to each of the customer’s needs during the construction process. His importance to the customer is extremely high, as his presence saves the customer the need to hire many different contractors. The customer has one clear person to turn to who takes care of every construction need.

The insurance aspect

The turnkey contractor has an appropriate insurance policy which covers every part of the work being performed at the construction site. The customer is also covered by the turnkey contractor’s insurance policy.

How does using Austec Shamir as a turnkey contractor contribute to an effective and appropriate construction process?

Austec Shamir is a classic turnkey contractor:

  • We begin working with the customer at the stage where he is the owner of a land plot designated for construction.
  • Austec Shamir connects the customer to an architect, and from that point performs the entire construction work at a high level of quality until a completed house that is ready to live in is delivered to the customer.
  • Austec Shamir as a turnkey contractor provides a full guarantee on the house and each of its components.
  • Under this guarantee, after the house’s first year of use we perform a series of thorough inspection actions.
  • Austec Shamir provides the customer with an overall solution from the planning phase and until the customer receives the key to a completed house constructed from high quality materials and equipped with intelligent systems – all at a fixed budget and with predetermined timetables.

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