The combination of top of the line professionals, advanced materials and innovative construction methods creates a perfect building experience that provides you with peace of mind and that you will remember for many years.

What is so special about Austec Shamir, and how does Austec Shamir succeed in continuing to provide hundreds of satisfied customers with a perfect building experience for over 25 years? In other words, how come you have never built with us before?

Austec Shamir – a perfect building experience and peace of mind for you and your family

  • Absolute freedom and flexibility in designing your house.
  • Complete support throughout every planning and construction step.
  • Architectural and engineering plans for the entire project.
  • Actual execution throughout the entire construction process.
  • Full supervision over the professionals taking part in the project.
  • Accurate pricing backed up by technical specifications before the construction work begins – includes every construction component and does not leave any room for surprises or unexpected costs.
  • Coordination with the professionals working at the construction site and supervision over their work, including responsibility for the timetables.

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Our professionals are senior members of the planning, design and construction industry. They are masters of the most advanced construction methods, and will assist you throughout the entire project until your house is finally delivered to you and even after that.

Advanced materials:

  • Building with steel – steel is strong and flexible and is a stable material with consistent physical and chemical properties. Its protection against corrosion and its durability are significantly more effective compared to other materials on the market.
  • Multi-layered external walls that lead to an ultimate thermal insulation level.
  • Self-maintenance: cladding and construction materials that do not require maintenance and keep their appearance for years.

Innovative construction methods: