Frequently asked questions

Does Austec Shamir’s unique construction method increase construction costs in relation to the usual price in Israel?

Construction costs are the same as the usual costs in Israel. These costs include every home ingredient (kitchen, sanitary ware, etc.) at a finish significantly higher that what is customary in the local construction market, and still within the usual prices.

What is the significance of selling a house that has been constructed using the modern construction method on the local market?

The many advantages of the green and modern construction method normally increase the house’s value. The unique characteristics, energy savings, durability, affordable maintenance and high functionality are reflected in the buyer’s perception when selling the house.

Can the fact that we are using Austec Shamir’s unique construction method lead to architectural limitations in the design?

The method used by Austec Shamir has no design limitations. Austec will take your personal design and will incorporate its advanced construction methods into it (for example, we can construct flat roofs, tile roofs, every type of cladding including plaster and stone, as well special details such as high ceilings, suspended balconies and more).

How does the customer’s professional relationship with Austec Shamir begin?

After you contact us, we will invite you to a meeting at our office in Moshav Haniel which is located in the Sharon region. In this meeting we will begin the process by referring you to an architect and providing you with a quote. Of course you can come to the meeting with a plan by a third party architect – the choice is yours.

What are the insulation materials used in the houses of Austec Shamir and are they environment friendly?

The wool insulation is made of polyester fibers called hollow fiber. This type of wool can be found in a variety of household objects such as blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and coats, and is considered to be very environment friendly!

Do bricks come in several shades? Normally you only see red and terra cotta…

Austec Shamir is the exclusive representative of the Belgian brick manufacturer Vandersanden in Israel. The bricks are manufactured in over 200 shades! To view the large variety of shades, press here.

How can I hang pictures and closets on gypsum walls?

The solutions for hanging on gypsum walls are simple and readily available. This is because in most of the Western World houses are constructed by cladding walls with gypsum boards. Anything can be hung on gypsum walls – from pictures to such heavy objects as TV arms and closets. Austec Shamir can offer you every one of these solutions.

If I ever decide to extend the house with added construction, how will this take place with Austec Shamir’s construction method?

One of the important advantages of building with steel is better weight distribution over the building’s structure. This reduces the need for support columns inside the house, which makes future changes easier. In the event of added construction, working with Austec Shamir has several advantages: a lighter skeleton, a cleaner construction site, fast work, and the option of preparing elements at the factory rather than the construction site itself. You will actually be able to continue your normal life routine with minimal interference.

When we agree on a budget for a project, is this a final budget, or should I be aware of possible future additions?

The budget is final and is known in advance. We have an orderly, transparent crediting and debiting mechanism during construction. There are no surprises. The peace of mind we generate can be felt here as well.

I would like to see a sample house built by Austec Shamir. Where can I find one?

Austec Shamir has houses throughout of Israel, from Kfar Vradim and Ramat Hagolan in the north to Omer, Meitar and Yeruham in the south. We will gladly provide you with customers’ addresses and telephone numbers at your request – please contact our office.

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