Green Architecture

What is green architecture and why is it gaining momentum?

Green architecture is a systematic approach to building a house which includes planning, building and operation of the houses once they are built. This approach belongs to an exclusive list of the world’s most advanced and prestigious building approaches.

  • The modern and advanced approach of green architecture brings great value to those involved in the building process, for both construction contractors and residents.
  • This approach dramatically shortens the building time and aids the contractor to significantly reduce the use of expensive resources.
  • Green architecture ensures that the clients will experience substantial improvements in the living conditions compared with conventional building, while saving large amounts of energy used for heating/cooling and the lighting of the house.
  • The purpose of this approach is to provide a comfortable and healthy living space, while refraining from harming the environment and natural perishable resources.
  • In addition to planning the house, green architecture refers to additional environmental parameters which might improve the living quality of the residents, parameters such as: easy access to future public transportation, proximity to water sources and parks.

Where to begin?

Usually, the process begins with finding an architect – a key figure in everything concerning planning and implementation of green building, in the best and optimal way.

The architect’s main task is to understand and gather the client’s needs, ideas and fantasies and translate them into reality by constructing a detailed work plan which takes the budget limitations into consideration.

  • The architect knows how to match green planning to the land’s specific topography and climate, while using natural energy resources of lighting and ventilation directions. In this manner, the architect creates a comfortable, green and economical space.
  • Proper architectural planning will enable green and efficient living space.
  • The architect knows how to plan the necessary wall sections in order to achieve optimal thermal setting, which ensures a house with ideal climate control all throughout the year.
  • The architect can recommend complementary green systems for the house, such as water purifier for irrigation and creating electricity from solar energy.
  • The architect can recommend which materials should be used for building the house, when the aspiration is to use non-perishable, environment friendly materials with high longevity and low maintenance costs.

We found an architect – what’s next?

The key to a successful implementation of green building is a fitting combination between the architect and the contractor company which carries out the project. It is highly important to choose a company that specializes in different aspects of green building, such as:

  • Creating an effective thermal insulation of the roof, windows and walls, for maximum energy saving when heating/cooling the house.
  • Complex building techniques which enable multiple layers of thermal insulation.
  • Professional implementation of lighting and shading plans, in order to reach climate comfort for the residents, year round.

Austec Shamir specializes in green building and can aid with achieving optimal architectural planning and implementation of the plans, at the highest and most professional level.

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