House architects

What is the role of a house architect?

  • House architects are the leaders of a construction project – as far as the planning aspect.
  • They obtain information about the plot, its topography, construction rights and the customer’s desires and requirements.
  • They process all of the information and design the house according to the planned construction budget.
  • Their actions are guided by the Planning and Construction Law and every required standard.
  • They communicate with the engineer about calculations concerning the structure, columns and beams that affect the house’s openings.
  • They communicate with the authorities in order to obtain every necessary construction permit.
  • They support every construction step at the site in real time and confirm the building’s progress.
  • They provide every necessary execution plan, including electricity, plumbing, windows, doors, flooring, etc.
  • Sometimes the architect is also responsible for the house’s interior design.
  • The architect is assisted by professional advisors in such areas as plumbing, air conditioning, lighting, etc. – as needed.

What are the benefits in selecting an Austec Shamir architect?

  • In our projects we permit the customer to decide whether they wish to be assisted by our architects or to hire their own professional.
  • We collaborate with dozens of architects who specialize in every construction style: rural, Tuscan, modern, minimalistic, etc.
  • The advantage of working with our house architects lies in their vast knowledge as to every aspect of green construction.
  • Over the years and through long hours of working together, strong ties are formed between our project managers and the architects.
  • These ties lead to positive collaboration between them, with one purpose in mind: a high quality construction project with a fixed budget and unchanging timetable.

What are the considerations in selecting an architect?

As a customer, the main consideration in selecting an architect is first and foremost their architectural style. The customer should examine the architect’s work and be sure that this in fact is the design strategy that fits them.

Another aspect is the customer’s relationship with the architect on a personal level.

The architect should be able to understand the needs presented by the customer and their family, and therefore the relationship with the architect and the architect’s understanding has particular importance.

The customer must clarify the budget to the architect to ensure planning is properly connected to the budget.