Intelligent construction

Intelligent construction consists of all of the factors that make up the construction process and make the house more efficient in many respects.

It incorporates state of the art technology and many advancements that provide the intelligent house with many advantages compared to a non-intelligent house.

Intelligent construction begins with smart architectural design that takes into account the plot’s different topographical considerations in order to utilize them wisely so as to enhance the house’s lighting and ventilation.

  • An intelligent house incorporates technological systems for every aspect.
  • An intelligent house has external walls and a roof that are equipped with high thermal capabilities.
  • It has much better thermal insulation than a normal house.
  • An intelligent house incorporates a “smart electricity” system.

What is a “smart electricity” system?

It is a system based on extensive knowledge that permits the residents to program their home to infinite conditions. It makes it possible to control every electrical function in the house, such as electrical blinds, lighting and air conditioning.

Incorporating “smart electricity” in a house permits better and more efficient utilization of the house’s energy consumption.

What else comprises an intelligent home?

  • An intelligent home incorporates gray water recycling systems. In such a home, water coming out of sinks and bathtubs is utilized for garden irrigation.
  • An intelligent home produces electricity by positioning photovoltaic cells on the roof. The electricity production generates income for the house’s owners.
  • Such a home requires very little maintenance throughout its life cycle.
  • The intelligent materials that make up the house can withstand any weather condition or radiation.

Why Austec Shamir?

At Austec Shamir we incorporate every aspect of the intelligent home and implement it thoroughly during every step of the construction process.

Austec Shamir’s extensive experience in constructing intelligent houses by using state of the art technology, provide the houses with an energetic advantage and make them extremely efficient as far as energy consumption.

The materials that make up the houses constructed by Austec Shamir can withstand any weather condition and therefore the need for ongoing maintenance is nonexistent.