Modern construction

Modern construction is the most advanced and effective planning and execution method in the current world of construction. It means broad thinking with long-term planning, and has the purpose of creating an innovative living environment with convenience and ultimate quality of life.

The advanced methods can be used with any architectural design. The essence of modern construction is taking any construction style and improving it until capabilities are brought to an optimum point in every home and residential project.

Advanced construction with Austec Shamir

Austec Shamir is the pioneer of modern construction in Israel, and as such has maintained its status as the spearhead of innovation and effectiveness in the Israeli construction world.

  • Austec Shamir’s implementation of modern construction provides maximum flexibility in every project, budget, climate or ground type – as to both internal design and outdoor development.
  • At Austec Shamir modernization is reflected in attention to every detail – from the raw materials integrated into your home, through the plumbing, insulation and cladding systems, and all the way to the most complex and advanced systems.
  • Austec’s modern construction is green construction which permits environmental benefit as well as effective insulation, energy savings, minimal maintenance and long term durability.

In other words, you will select the location, the style and the materials you want to be used for your home, and we will make your dream come true in a way you never thought possible. In order to talk to a professional consultant, please leave your contact information at Contact Us.

The fact that we constantly update our technologies, materials and advanced systems and maintain the most stringent local and international standards provides our customers with a unique, exclusive living experience that accompanies them for decades of uncompromising quality of life and peace of mind.

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