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The second generation of the Austek Shamir number builds the next generation

We have been leading the Israeli construction market for 27 years, and have been privileged to build about 1,000 homes throughout the country. In the 90s we built houses for our customers, and in recent years their grown children come to us to build their house. We are happy to see the generation of children returning to us after experiencing the quality of construction, durability and professionalism over the years.




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A rare house constructed in Michmoret, close to the beach. The style is Tuscan, Mediterranean, and incorporates green construction. Tile roof with bare wooden beams and a wooden ceiling, delicate Belgian aluminum and light colored wooden floor.


The house represents a Tuscan construction style and constitutes a center of life and creation for its residents. The internal patio surrounds a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi for 8, and has wooden decks around it. Several suspended balconies are located on the house’s circumference. The house is clad with bricks that have been constructed in a unique method where their locations are nonsymmetrical.

Ramat Gan

A combination of wonderful architecture and design forces, with the construction capabilities of Austek Shamir, enabled the construction of a quality and beautiful project in a veteran housing complex in Ramat Gan. The house has a basement and two floors with an elevator that connects the different levels. Huge lighting developers, bring plenty of air and light into the house. Artist frames with a railing, which combines horizontal stainless steel cables, turn the staircase into a design element.

Bnei Atrot

On a spacious estate in Moshav Bnei Atarot, a classic Tuscan house was built on a built-up area of about 500 square meters. Includes exposed roof legends and a smart electrical system.

Ben noon – 2

A classic rustic design that combines clay and plaster cladding with a roof built of exposed wooden beams. The house has a ground level of about 300 square meters and a basement level of about 60 square meters.


The house was constructed in Raanana on a plot with a size of one dunam. The house has two stories plus a basement. The basement was designed as an activity room for the children. An elevator connects between the floors.

Ain Vered

A modern house, built on an estate in the Sharon. The area of the house is 300 sq.m., on two floors. A wooden staircase, floating, with a violin-like railing for violin harps. A clean white house that stands out against the background of the spacious estate.

Kfar Truman

Meticulous planning of green construction by architect Omry Dodesh with touches by the owner. The combination created a harmony of materials and shades that is pleasant to the heart and eye.

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