Our Process

Many ask us what is the recommended stage in the building process to contact Austec Shamir.

The answer includes a number of possibilities, but firstly it depends on the client’s progress in the building process.

Simply put, contacting Austec Shamir is recommended at any stage of the way.

Building stages breakdown:

1 – At the beginning of the way, when thinking about building a private house, many questions arise.

Usually, the first step is to search for land. It is never too soon to contact Austec Shamir;

we can assist clients looking for land with helpful tips regarding development costs of a specific plot of land. Every plot of land has its uniqueness and challenges.

Our knowledge and experience, allow us to deliver objective advising regarding the financial costs of the development and the different building options. Using our advice, the client can make a rational assessment regarding the scale of the final budget of the entire building process (including land development).

2 – The next stage in which clients might be in is when they already own land, and are checking for different building options.

This is the ideal stage to contact us. Austec Shamir will link the client to an experienced and skilled architect, which will present the client the different possibilities and design initial sketches according to the client’s needs, preferences and budget.

Planning while taking the client’s budget into consideration is vital to the building process. This is Austec Shamir’s expertise.

The architect will handle the work required with the authorities, and produce the necessary permits.

Austec Shamir will build the house according to the architectural programs, a pre-agreed technical specifications document and of course a closed budget.

All the information is on the table, and the client knows how the process begins and how it ends.

3 – A more advanced stage in which the client might be in: the client owns land designed for building and possesses architectural programs of the house.

This is the stage where many clients contact Austec Shamir. At this stage we will check all the plans, and offer improvements.

We can also use our in-house engineer to handle all the constructive requirements of the project. At this stage, the client will receive a detailed price quote attached to the technical specifications, which will include the entirety of the building process.

With final agreement regarding the finances and the contract, we will begin our building process.

4 – There can be another situation where a client owns land and possesses architectural program, but still doesn’t have a building permit.

In Austec Shamir, we know how to work in sync with the client’s architect and provide service which will lead to receiving a permit.

A skilled team will prepare the building plans and handle work with the authorities effectively, in order to receive a building permit. This kind of service is given in a situation where Austec Shamir is the company that will ultimately build the house.