The Company

Austec Shamir Steel & Stone Buildings Ltd. was incorporated in Israel in 1991.

“Austec” is an abbreviation for Australian Technology. “Shamir” is Mr. Yossi Shamir, the company’s founder, who fell in love with the Australian construction method and brought it to Israel.

The first years were characterized by penetration to the local market, making necessary adjustments and establishing skilled work teams.

The first houses were mostly single story, were clad with red bricks, and had tile roofs.

As the years went by and the world’s architectural style changed, with a tendency toward modern architecture, adjustments were made at Austec as well, and our capabilities became more diverse.

Over the last decade, we constructed modern and even ultra-modern houses: houses combining glass and stone, wood and steel, and utilizing bare solid wood roofs and other interesting combinations.

Our collaboration with leading architects challenged us as far as our execution capabilities. And when this is combined with a tradition of meticulous attention to details and quality, the results can be seen at the construction sites.

We are currently leaders in the field of green construction and in conceiving and implementing thermal insulation systems with the purpose of building houses that are climatically comfortable and energetically economical all year round.

Austec Shamir is a construction contractor – a turnkey contractor that provides the customer with every part of the construction work throughout the entire process.

The company has nationwide deployment – from Zefat and Ramat Hagolan in the north to Yeruham and Be’er Sheba in the south.

We have remained faithful to the construction principles that have been with us since the very first days: providing the customers with a high quality building experience that would motivate them to come back again.

Building better houses and ensuring we implement state of the art technology that would lead to energetically efficient houses that are fun to live in.