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    Austec Shamir

    Austec Shamir Steel & Stone Buildings Ltd. was incorporated in Israel in 1991.

    “Austec” is an abbreviation for Australian Technology. “Shamir” is Mr. Yossi Shamir, the company’s founder, who fell in love with the Australian construction method and brought it to Israel.

    During it’s first years, Austec Shamir focused on assembling skilled construction workers teams, and bringing the Australian building methods into Israel’s public awareness. The houes were mostly one floor,  red bricks cladded with a tiled roof.

    As the years have passed and the modern architecture has evolved, Austec Shamir has made substantial adjustments and improvements, as the building methods became more versatile. Over the last decade,  Austec Shamir has built modern style homes, with some homes incorporating combinations of glass and stone, wood and steel, as well as many other unique combinations.

    We operate all throughout Israel, from Safed and Golan Heights in the north, to Yeruham and Be’er Sheva in the south. We’re staying true to the principles on which the company was built on since day one. A key principle, is to provide our customers with a quality building experience, in every way possible. We pride ourselves with having many returning customers. We believe that paying meticulous attention to every detail and utilizing our elite technology, will ultimately lead to incredible results.

    Why choose Austec Shamir?

    A combination of first-class professionals, advanced materials and innovative construction methods produce a perfect construction experience, that gives our customers peace of mind during the building phase and many, many years after the home is built. What separates Austec Shamir from the rest of the companies, and how does Austec Shamir continues to produce stellar construction experiences to hundreds of customers, for over 30 years?


    We work with exeprienced and reliable staff members, who specialize in planning, designing, and executing the plans to perfection. The staff accompanies our clients from the very first stages of planning, until the house's keys are delievered.

    Advanced Materials

    Some examples include steel construction - steel is a strong, flexible and stable material, with constant physical and chemical properties. In addition, it has corrosion protection. In general, steel's resistance is significantly more effective than other materials available on the market. Secondly, our muti layered exterior wall creates the ultimate balance of thermal insulation. We often use cladding and other consturction materials which are known for their extreme durability over time, as well as maintaining a clean aesthetic for many years.

    Innovative Construction Methods

    Our advanced methods enable full flexibility in making future changes to the house, per the customer's requests.

    A wide range of services grouped under one company:

    Austec Shamir provides in-house solutions to every aspect of the building - including engineering planning process, architecture, handling procedures of receiving a building permit, management and overseeing of the workers.

    Austec Shamir’s Team – Among Israel’s Leaders in Construction

    Austec Shamir builds for people. Houses are built by people and for them, therefore in our company, the human component within the process is of great importance. Most of the company’s employees have accompanied it since the first years of establishment, and the sense of family and intimacy is rooted in Austec Shamir. Every new customer joins the extended “Austec Shamir Family” and hopefully becomes a loyal ambassador. We have high standards of service, which are maintained by each of our team’s professionals throughout the construction process, and of course –  after the house is complete.